Close the legend of 19 years, the popular sedan model ‘Toyota Vios’ has been discontinued – the production line has ended.

Close the legend of 19 years, the popular sedan model ‘Toyota Vios’ has been discontinued – the production line has ended.

On August 9, at the launch event of the newest Subcompact sedan. For the first time in the world with ALL NEW TOYOTA YARIS ATIV at TOYOTA ALIVE Bangna

Mr. Noriaki Yamashita, President and Mr. Surasak Suthongwan, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, revealed during the launch event of the new Toyota Yarisativ on August 9, 2022 that

The production line of the Toyota VIOS compact car (sedan) has been discontinued at Toyota’s assembly plant. which plans to market the car in the small 4-door passenger car group, after this will only be the Toyota Yaris Ativ (Yaris Ativ) is considered to close the 19-year legend of the popular Toyota Vios and use widely in Thailand

Ready to reveal that the direction of the automotive market in 2022 has a tendency to recover continuously from the forecast that at the beginning of the year there will be 860,000 domestic sales, but sold up to 880,000 units, or an increase of 16% from the Covid-19 situation. 19 begin to unravel

Make people want to use private cars more. But he acknowledged that the semiconductor shortage is still a big problem to keep track of and difficult to predict.

For the Toyota Vios, it began to be produced in Thailand in 2002 and was officially launched in 2003. It is a sub-compact car of Toyota, which has a single body type, which is a 4-door sedan. The first to be marketed in Thailand, distributed in the model name “Toyota Soluna Vios” (Toyota Soluna VIOS).

Later in 2006 in Japan Toyota Vios was launched with a product life from 2007-2013, then Toyota Vios developed a new model with the slogan “Have It All”. It uses a 1 NZ-FE 1.5-liter engine with 109 horsepower and 14.4 torque. kg/m. product life from 2007 – 2022

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