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Claudia Conserva and her husband talked about cancer again

Written in ENTERTAINMENT the 11/7/2022 · 20:31 hs

Claudia Preserves She starred in a moving moment on social networks with a letter dedicated to her husband for his birthday, thanking him for accompanying her during her delicate moment of health, which she can proudly face with the support of her husband.

Yesterday, the journalist took a moment to congratulate her husband. In writing, Claudia Preserves She highlights the importance of her partner’s support since she was diagnosed with breast cancer, a situation that is naturally difficult to face.

At the end of the sixth month of the year, the communicator received one of the most complex news to face: a cancer diagnosis. Since then, the company Chicken Valdiviaher husband, was decisive for the next steps in the procedure that the driver had to receive.

We remember that not much time had passed since the presenter’s public statement when she publicly announced that, after a biopsy, her illness was confirmed. In those moments, she expressed being devastated and that is why the unconditional support of her husband was so important.

Along with a photograph in which she is smiling and hugging her partner, the journalist wrote an emotional message addressed to her partnerwhom he thanks for being part of his process.

Today, July 10, together with my squire, we demand the withdrawal of the enemy. We want to laugh and celebrate. With Love and Humor you make me invincible. Thank you for everything, you are the best, how lucky I am! Happy Birthday.

The posting was soon filled with messages of encouragement and praise for the couple, as they wished them the best and expressed their most unconditional support for the moment lived by the television star.

In this way and with a road ahead, Claudia Preserves It showed that she is still resisting but that, despite this, she will always have a moment to thank her loved ones, who were with her in the most complicated situations.

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