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Classic / Otani did not play!The Japanese pitcher was blasted and lost to China and Japan 2:7 in the warm-up match | Classic | Sports

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Japan lost to China and Japan and swallowed their first defeat in the warm-up match.Samurai official twitter

The Japanese team, which is preparing for the classic game, started the second wave of warm-up match today. They faced the Japanese team at the Nagoya Stadium, which attracted the attention of fans all over Japan. The Japanese team, which attacked later, started with Imaei Shouta, and a total of 5 people were used in the game The pitcher, but still suffered 10 hits including 1 home run, and ended in a 2:7 loss. Among them, Otani Shohei, who has attracted attention, did not play today. He will continue to play the second game against China and Japan tomorrow. It is expected Long Sasaki is discharged as the starter.

After defeating Softbank in the first wave of warm-up matches, the Japanese team moved to Nagoya to play against China and Japan today. Imam Yongshengta was assigned to serve as the starting pitcher for the first to third innings. Although he sent 7 old kings, he was still hit in the third inning. Day two hits lead and one run behind. In the fourth inning, the Japanese team relied on two consecutive hits by Hidego Maki and Sotaka Murakami on the third, and Kazuma Okamoto scored one point to tie the game at 1:1.

At the beginning of the fourth inning, the Japanese team was replaced by reliever Sho Togo. In the sixth inning, the Japanese team was first bombarded by Chinese and Japanese foreign artillery Aquino (ARISTIDES AQUINO), and fell behind 1:2 again. Day two doubles and then allowed a run, the end of six innings to trail behind 1:3.

In the seventh inning, Japan replaced Hiroki Matsui as a relay, and began to welcome the arrival of the nightmare. He threw 3 walks and was hit with 2 hits. He couldn’t suppress the line-up of China and Japan. He only pitched 0.2 innings and lost 4 points. The fourth pitcher Yoshihiko Kuribayashi had just finished the seventh inning, and he was 1:7 behind at this time, and the general trend was over. In the eighth round, Japan relied on Gocho Maki to recover a point, and the score of 2:7 was maintained until the end.

At the end of the nine innings, Japan switched to Dashi to complete the final pitcher. Both Otani Shohei and Darvish Yuri watched from the sidelines, chatting and laughing with their teammates, and their mood was not affected by the lag. The Japanese hitters today were suppressed by Chinese and Japanese starting pitcher Shinnosuke Ogasa in the first five innings. Stars including Munetaka Murakami, Kazuma Okamoto and other stars scored only 6 hits in the game, and Hidego Maki scored 2 hits and 1 RBI the best.

What is special about today’s game is that after the end of the regular nine-round match, there was a simulation practice match to break through the deadlock. As a result, Japan won 1-0. In addition, the Chinese and Japanese defenses use Japanese professional balls, and the Japanese team uses classic balls for defense.

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Otani Shohei did not play in Japan’s first warm-up match.screenshot from screen
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Otani Xiang did not play in today’s warm-up match.screenshot from screen

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