Classic design will be discontinued in September

Facebook users have been able to use a new design on the web interface since spring this year to scroll through the feed and find out about friends. So far, however, the whole thing was voluntary, you could switch back to the old, classic design at any time via the settings. Facebook even set up a separate support pagethat described the procedure. But the days of the old look are apparently numbered, because if you want to switch to the classic version, the following pop-up will be presented to you.

So from September everyone has to use the new design. However, you are given the chance to provide feedback beforehand on whether you are currently still using the old design, as you are missing features in the new version.

Personally, I hardly ever use Facebook anymore, for me the network is just a wildly thrown together collection of advertisements and game invitations, even if that is perhaps exaggerated. Real contributions from friends are few and far between, the added value of the platform is at least very limited for me. What about with you?

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