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“Choosing Kong Huai Rai’s Dress for the Event with Lulu’s Help in Support of #SaveKongHuaiRai”

It became an issue that many people talked about a lot when Lulu-Duangruedee Boonbamrung or Lulu RSiam with a boyfriend outside the industry. Chart Suchart married and Kong Huai Rai (Akaradej Yodchampa) came with a look that was chill until it was criticized until recently, Lala-Kwannapha Ruangsri decided to clarify.

by Lala Kwannapha said, “Everyone, Lala and Lulu, please ask for permission to #Save Kong Huai Rai on March 12, which is Lulu’s wedding. who is addicted to work At first, he said he wouldn’t come again. But Nong Belle informed that Maybe go for a pack But Kong couldn’t find a color scheme according to the theme. Wan P’La, can you help me find it? Let Kong wear any style, comfortable, can wear green, stand out no theme I want Kong to be outstanding and have fun in the event. Just come, I’m happy. everything that happens It’s Lulu Lala’s wish. We invite her to come to the event. therefore causing negative image flows to the younger ones in some groups who disagreed When dressing up, I would say that just Nong Ma was the best gift at the event. We need to thank you more. who sacrificed time to bring color to the event And we feel sorry. who invited the youngest to come and caused the younger generation to cause drama therefore would like to inform For those who don’t understand Let’s understand that #this is what the bride wants #Save Kong Huai Rai”

and Kong posted that #Personally, I think it’s inappropriate. Let’s arrange a private event for you. I can’t go to your event with a dress like this or any kind of dress because I don’t know you. #Seriously, I’m arguing about aliens in other houses, and I’m still arguing about the dress.” Until many people come to send encouragement

In addition to concert tours, Kong Huai Rai also organizes festivals. He has already announced that 13-14 January 2024 will be the day of the Huai Rai Elena Festival #2 event, which will have many artists participating.

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