Chinese tennis “Xiaohua” Zheng Qinwen reaches the final of the tour for the first time

Chinese tennis “Xiaohua” Zheng Qinwen reaches the final of the tour for the first time

2022-09-24 20:07:32Source: Xi’an News Network

On September 24, Tokyo Station WTA500 ended the women’s singles semi-final. China’s “Xiaohua” Zheng Qinwen, 19, defeated number 4 seeded Kudmetova in the competition after losing a set, making her the first time in her career Tour Finals.

Zheng Qinwen, who had a good performance this year, is also in good shape this time in the Tokyo WTA500 competition and many players have made it to the semi-finals. In the semifinal against Kudmetova, Zheng Qinwen quickly entered the state in the first set and took a 4: 1 lead at the start, but Kudmetova adapted in time and won 7: 5. In the second set, Zheng Qinwen also led 4: 1 after 5 rounds. This time, she didn’t repeat the same mistakes and pulled one back with 6: 3. The final set was heavily stalled, with the two teams tied at 5: 5 after the first 10 innings. In the eleventh crucial match, Zheng Qinwen made consecutive mistakes and had to enter her serving game with a score of 5: 6. During the break, Kudmetova asked for medical suspension, which also gave Zheng Qinwen time to adjust. After the resumption of the game, Zheng Qinwen scored 4 points in a row and managed to secure his serve, dragging the game to the tiebreaker. In the tiebreak, Zheng Qinwen continued to be in good condition, while Kudmetova made many mistakes in the service link. In the end, Zheng Qinwen won the tiebreaker 7: 3 and won the reversal with a nice score of 2: 1.

It is worth mentioning that since defeating Ostapenko in the first round of the US Open in late August, Zheng Qinwen has won three straight wins against the top 20 players in less than a month. With this victory, her instant rankings also rose to 28th place, a new personal high. In the September 25 final, Zheng Qinwen’s opponent was Samsonova, who defeated China’s Zhang Shuai 2-0 in another semifinal that ended earlier.

Yan Bin, chief reporter for Xi’an Newspaper Omnimedia

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