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Chinese Coast Guard vessels provoke tensions in Taiwan-controlled Kinmen Island

TAIPEI (Reuters) – Five Chinese Coast Guard vessels entered the regulated waters of Kinmen Island, a remote island under Taiwan’s effective control, on the 26th, but left immediately after receiving a warning from Taiwan. This was announced by Taiwanese officials on the 27th.

After a Chinese fishing boat capsized and two people died during a crackdown by Taiwanese authorities, the Japan Coast Guard has made regular patrols around Kinmen Island.

Guan Bi-ling, cabinet member of Taiwan’s Maritime Affairs Commission, which has jurisdiction over Taiwan’s coast guard, told reporters at the Legislative Yuan that the Chinese ship left the area immediately after the coast guard ordered it to leave.

Defense Minister Qiu Guozheng told the Legislative Yuan that he hopes the events around Kinmen Island will not escalate and be “handled smoothly,” adding, “We do not want a situation of hostilities to arise.”

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