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China Rockets Ahead into the Future: SpaceX Falls Behind

Lost in the times, America’s great talents have turned into petty calculations. After failing to achieve success, they were played by the forces behind them. Today, they have become agents of other countries and plunged into the black hole of the Red Sea. Who can blame this?

American freighter attacked in Red Sea. AP pictures

The United States, South Korea and Japan are holding the largest joint naval exercise in history, targeting nuclear-armed North Korea and showing off their power to China. This is the United States’ “offshore balance”, which is learned from the British Empire. South Korea and Japan were provoked by the United States and had the courage to make a difference in the Asia-Pacific strategy. They did not hesitate to sacrifice the interests of their own chip and semiconductor markets and formed the “Chip Quad Alliance” with the United States and Taiwan. This was all because of their longing for the Asian power represented by the two countries. Go beyond traditional Europe and become a chess player on the “big chessboard”.

In fact, the US agent in Europe, NATO, is too ineffective. Not to mention that the Zelensky government is corrupt and incompetent. This group of European war agents are distracted from Germany and make too many calculations. As a result, Germany loses its high-quality economy and imports high-priced energy. and high inflation, reducing it to a “quasi-second-rate” country that is facing a third-rate country. Looking around Europe, Britain’s “chivalry” is commendable, but it is only a descendant of “Don Quixote” and can barely carry a skinny donkey on the road. It has to rely on Poland, or should the three Baltic countries, Finland and Sweden join NATO? Come on, after two years of war in Russia, Russia has become the largest economy in Europe, with an annual growth rate of 3.5%. In addition, the strategic relationship between China and Russia has not faded under pressure from the West. Moreover, Russia’s rhetoric has often let go of its nuclear and conventional policies, and Europe is even more afraid to act recklessly. .

However, Europe is still a force controlling China. Germany and other European industrial powers want to “de-risk” China and join forces with Japan and South Korea to piece together a so-called world core island, Taiwan, which seems to have seen some new hope. Europe has turned into an agent of the United States’ technological war, and the value of gambling is relatively high. , which roughly means that war agents lose money and take human lives, and technological war agents are expected to reduce China’s imports and create investment and job opportunities for the local people. Even if it does not work well, China will still take care of the big country, and everyone will still do it in the future. Maintain relationships. If so, the Netherlands can serve as a “demonstration unit” by giving up its national economic sovereignty and suspending the export of semiconductor artifact lithography machines to China. If China and Russia strengthen scientific and technological cooperation, what does it have to do with Europe? The annual trade volume between China and Russia is only US$200 billion. What about the trade volume between Europe and China? There is no figure for 2023, but it will be close to US$850 billion in 2022, which means that the two parties trade more than US$1.6 million every minute.

The above is the current situation of the United States’ Eurasian agents. It is neither good nor bad. In terms of Go, China is still surrounded by the United States’ arrangement. Later, if Trump successfully ascends to the throne of the next president of the United States, kicks away Zelensky who insists on asking for money, and completes the “US-Russia detente”, the breach there will be closed naturally. In 2025, China may fall into a new isolation situation.

All calculations were made, but the Red Sea crisis caused by the Palestinian-Israeli attack forced the United States to send ground troops deep into the Middle East to fight a war without knowing the bottom line. What’s interesting is that the Middle East crisis could have been resolved early, and Israel could have settled as early as possible. However, Israel still insists on intensifying military operations against Basha. The United States indirectly becomes Israel’s war agent.

Some say that the Houthi armed forces who attacked Western cargo ships in the Red Sea are agents of Iran, and that Iran is behind Russia. In general, China has become the financial backer of the Russian economy. Doesn’t this mean that China is using its agents to restrain the United States? Of course not. China has always stood for peace, and “time” is our agent, right? In another six years, if the annual economic growth is maintained at 5%, it will surpass the United States. It is expected that 2030 will be the time to announce Taiwan’s reunification.

The United States must step in to resolve the crisis in the Middle East. I call you to be the “big boss”. You should not do what you should do. Global recovery depends on you.

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my country’s manned aerospace project successfully completed its first launch mission in 2024. The United States has suffered a bit this time, but its soft power is so strong that no one can compare to it.

AP pictures

The New Year holiday atmosphere is getting stronger, and this launch mission is very interesting. The Tianzhou-7 cargo spacecraft delivers fresh fruits and vegetables, gift bags and other new year goods to the astronauts on the Chinese Space Station. The most eye-catching thing is that China’s aerospace technology has once again shown impressive progress. A spokesman for the Aerospace Science and Technology Group said that this mission required the Long March 7 Yao-8 carrier rocket to carry the spacecraft, and it was launched on time and on time, promoting the intelligentization of rocket transportation. In addition, there was a breakthrough in rocket cargo capacity.

Tianzhou-7 carries 260 pieces of various aerospace equipment and other cargo, with a total weight of about 5.6 tons. There are many types of cargo, and the biggest feature is that they are mainly large cargo. Among them, a total of 2,400 kilograms of daily necessities, including New Year’s goods, were delivered to the astronauts. The Long March 7 rocket has become one of the most reliable launch vehicles in my country.

The Aerospace Group said: “In the next few years, the Chang-7 rocket will continue to carry out the launch mission of the space station cargo spacecraft to ensure the normal operation of the space station. Currently, three delivery missions every two years can meet the needs of the space station. At the same time, the Chang-7 rocket will also With the advantages of high precision, good stability and strong carrying capacity, we can join forces with more payloads to carry out space exploration.”

“People’s Daily” described: “‘delivery’ to the space station in the vast space is as difficult as ‘threading a needle thousands of miles’. This process is called ‘holding hands in space’ and must be both fast and stable. This time the Tianzhou The No. 7 cargo spacecraft adopted a 3-hour fast rendezvous and docking plan after entering orbit. Compared with the conventional 6.5-hour fast rendezvous and docking plan, the docking time was further compressed. “From 6.5 hours to 3 hours, there is a lot of technological progress!

Looking back, what was the reaction of the United States? some. At the same time, Western media suddenly focused on promoting this US aerospace news: “The US satellite Internet system “Starlink” (Starlink) technology that covers the world continues to make breakthroughs… In terms of rocket launch technology, the gap between China and the US commercial satellite launch giant SpaceX It’s still growing.”

China’s rocket technology has made breakthroughs, and China’s space station has become outstanding. A piece of “static” news came out for no reason. The “Voice of America” ​​headline was very imposing: “Starlink makes China anxious again, China’s version of satellite Internet “State Grid” can Overwhelm “Star Chain”? 〉To steal your attention, he said that China’s rocket technology lags far behind that of the United States. The gap is so big that it makes “China very anxious.”

Although there were two space news from China and the United States at the same time, one was an apple and the other was an orange. There is no need to say how “Starlink” can be compared with the “Long March 7 rocket” New Year gift. However, it can be seen that China has not over-promoted it. The many advancements of this rocket launch do not magnify the fact that China’s space station is ahead of the United States. The International Space Station, which was co-operated by the US-Western Group, has been in orbit for more than 20 years and is expected to be retired after 2030, while the Chinese space station will It will become the only space station and can operate for up to 15 years in the future. During this period, it will be enough to become a “space power” – we are not beating gongs and drums, but the United States is setting off firecrackers.

U.S. experts do not mention the comparison of the comprehensive aerospace capabilities of China and the United States, but only talk about them. Harvard University scientist Jonathan McDonwell said that China is still less than ideal in terms of “the precision and overall quality of electronic equipment, such as the Beidou system.” . However, China has transformed from a “third-class space country” to a “first-class space power”, but it is still slightly behind the United States.

Forgive me for being naive and asking NASA: “Can you please apply for astronauts from your country to go to China’s space station?”

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