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China increases wetland area by more than 200,000 hectares

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French.china.org.cn | Updated on 09-01-2021-

China’s wetland area has increased by more than 3 million mu (200,000 hectares) in the past five years, according to official data.

China has stepped up efforts to improve wetland conservation and restoration, enhance the functions of wetland ecosystems and protect wetland biodiversity during the period 2016-2020, according to the National Forestry and Forest Administration. meadows.

The central budget allocated 9.87 billion yuan (approximately $ 1.53 billion) for wetland protection and initiated more than 2,000 wetland protection and restoration projects during the period.

China has also established a national wetland protection system for phased management of wetlands nationwide. 201 national wetland parks have been added over the past five years, bringing the total to 899.

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