China Approves Use of Self-developed Sinoparm Corona Vaccine | Voice of America

The Chinese government has officially approved the use of Sinopam, a novel coronavirus vaccine developed by the Chinese government.

At a press conference today (31st), the China State Council’s combined quarantine and control organization said that the safety and efficacy of the corona vaccine of the state-run pharmaceutical company Sinopharm met the technical standards of the World Health Organization and obtained approval for use by the National Drug Administration the day before. Announced.

It also explained that it was approved for use under conditions that continuously monitor immune persistence and preventive effects through clinical trials.

Synofarm said that the vaccine’s efficacy was 79.34% as a result of an interim clinical trial, meeting the requirements set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In addition, it was explained that 0.1% of the clinical participants had mild side effects such as mild fever, and that allergic reactions were only 2 in 1 million.

The Sinopam vaccine has been approved for use in the UAE and Bahrain, and Peruvian health authorities in South America have temporarily suspended clinical trials for Sinopam due to concerns about side effects.

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