Children Don’t Accept Rahmat Effendi at KPK OTT: This is Character Assassination!


The chairman of the Golkar DPD Bekasi City who is also his biological daughter Bekasi Mayor Rahmat Effendi, Ade Puspitasari, commented on the arrest operation (OTT) carried out by the KPK against his father. He assessed that the KPK had carried out character assassination.

This statement was conveyed by Ade in the agenda for the Inauguration of the Golkar Party Sub-District Managers (PK) throughout Bekasi City at Graha Girsang Jatiasih, South Bekasi, Saturday (8/1/2021). The video clip of this agenda is circulating on social media (social media).

In front of the Bekasi City Golkar cadres, Ade said that the KPK did not take any money with him when he arrested his father, who is familiarly called Pepen. He considered this arrest an attempt to bring down his father’s good name.

“There are many witnesses, all of the staff at home are witnesses. How did Mr. Wali get picked up at home, how did Mr. Wali only bring the body. KPK only brought Mr. Wali’s body, did not bring any money,” he said.

“Logically, OTT, I have a transaction, bro, I handed over my (money) to the gap, is it true? It doesn’t exist, that the guardian (Pepen) and the KPK did not bring money from the Pendopo. the output from a third party, from the head of the service, from the sub-district head, it’s development, there is no OTT, indeed this is character assassination,” said Ade.

Photo: Bekasi City Golkar DPD Chair, Ade Puspitasari (Dok DPRD West Java)

In addition, Ade assessed that his father’s arrest by the KPK was politically motivated. According to him, the Golkar Party is being targeted, without specifying which party he intends to target the yellow party.

“Indeed, yellow is being targeted, we all know who is after yellow, but later in 2024, if yellow is a coalition with orange, the other color will die,” Ade said to the applause of the cadres.

When confirmed, Ade Puspitasari confirmed the incident. He said his statement was a form of motivation to raise the spirits of Bekasi City Golkar cadres.

“What I convey is motivation and supplementation for cadres so as not to be disturbed by the noise of the destructive movement against Golkar cadres in Bekasi City,” Ade said when contacted.

It is known that the Mayor of Bekasi, Rahmat Effendi, along with a number of other people were arrested by the KPK. From the OTT of this alleged corruption case, the KPK also secured a total of Rp 5.7 billion.

Watch the video ‘KPK Investigators Secure Two Suitcases From the Bekasi Mayor’s Rumdin Office’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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