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“Chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev vows to fight for his post despite allegations of betrayal”

First of all, at the briefing yesterday, Ivan Geshev very clearly and categorically stated that he will not leave his post and will fight to remain the chief prosecutor until the end of his term and fulfill his mandate. The other thing he said was that he felt directly affected by GERB and Boyko Borisov, taking something as betrayal towards him. So what’s next along those lines remains to be seen. This was stated by lawyer Daniel Bozhilov in the program of PIK “Video connection with Tsvetan Fikov”.

“From a third party – in addition to Geshev’s briefing, we also saw a statement by the spokesperson of the SJC, related to the DPS, who, contrary to the opinion expressed by Yordan Tsonev in the parliament, stated something completely different. That is, that until the moment that we see, they are just words. And in order to remove the Attorney General, it must be proven,” the lawyer also noted.

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He added: “It was seen that there won’t be a government. Even more so after Ninova’s refusal yesterday, which obviously smelled some dangers. She has a rather serious instinct towards this and practically played down GERB’s proposal.”

“So there will obviously be no government, and we will see how this will affect the scandal with the prosecutor’s office. Even though things have reached such a state that it is just beginning to seriously erode trust in this institution,” said Daniel Bozhilov.

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2023-05-16 20:41:26

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