Chengdu Culture Exploration: Super Burning Food Diary at ‘Bashi Jianghu’

Check out the “Gourmet City” on the tip of your tongue and unlock a new super-burning experience. Last Saturday, the seventh episode of the third season of Master Kong’s Ice Black Tea “Super Burning Food Diary”, a youth food exploration and travel reality show jointly produced by Zhejiang Satellite TV and Zhejiang Shitong Culture Communication Co., Ltd., was broadcast. “Super Burning Family” Jam Hsiao, Meng Jia, Yang Jiulang, Ao Ziyi and “super-burning partners” Zhang Hanyun and Luo Yizhou gathered in Chengdu and started a Sichuan flavor trip together.

Tonight, the “Super Burning Family” will continue to lead everyone to experience the freedom and spontaneity of Chengdu’s “Bashi Jianghu” and further understand Chengdu culture.

  Start a free tour of “Bashi Jianghu”

  experienceLeisure and slow life in Chengdu

Chengdu is a city you don’t want to leave once you’ve arrived. Comfort and comfort are everyone’s impressions of Chengdu. These two words also express the fireworks and human touch of Chengdu. In order to show the comfortable and comfortable side of Chengdu, this week we will carry out the “Bashi Jianghu” free tour to the end.

Not only that, the “Super Burning Family” will also come to the teahouse to experience ear-picking massage, experience Chengdu’s unique leisure projects, taste Chengdu’s unique leisure, and witness the charming and diverse Chengdu culture. What do you think of ear picking and massage? How does Zhang Hanyun, a native Sichuan girl, understand Chengdu’s “Bashi”?

  Challenge the fun “hunting mission”

  Jam Hsiao and Luo Yizhou “speakOrder food

Before “hunting” for delicious food, creative and interesting challenges are indispensable, and the game setting of this issue focuses on a “Bashi”! Everyone is divided into the “hot girl team” and the “black and clever super sweet” team to challenge the “limited number of steps to get freebies” “Yellow Spicy Ding”, pass the dishes to customers within the specified number of steps, which team will easily win?

In addition, everyone will also face the challenge of “relay shouting and ordering” to challenge the freedom of voice. In the game, Xiao Jingteng and Luo Yizhou vividly interpreted “Kong Er” and started the cycle mode among “seaweed” and “kelp”. Can they successfully complete the task in the end? What other interesting challenges are waiting for everyone to discover in the show?

The new “Ba Shi Jiang Hu” free tour is about to start! For more excitement, please look forward to the third season of “Super Burning Food Diary” which will be broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV at 22:00 tonight and launched on the Z Vision client at 22:30 !Let us take this “Bashi’s board” train together and witness this wonderful super-burning journey!

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