Check out a movie made on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Behind him is a world-famous director

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has been here with us for almost a year, however, for the South Korean giant, it is still one of the key models. The proof is a new marketing campaign to highlight the exceptional photographic capabilities of this phone. In this case, it is mainly video.

The campaign is labeled Filmed #withGalaxy and also uses some well-known directorial names to promote the flagship. One of them is, for example Joe Wright (movies Repentance, pride and Prejudice or The darkest hour), whose team was shooting a new short film Princess & Peppernose used a wide angle lens Galaxy S21 Ultra to shoot details or open scenes.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Another director is the Chinese Sha Mo (films Love Will Tear Us Apart a My Huckleberry Friends), which for his short film Kids of Paradise mainly used the Director’s View function. It allows you to shoot all three lenses at the same time and the ability to quickly switch between them.

Both short films will have their premiere at the Busan International Film Festival, which is currently taking place until 15 October.

We can assume that this is Samsung’s reaction to the autumn introduction of new Apple products, where it was unveiled new line of iPhones 13 along with the film mode feature that we introduced to you in detail in this article.


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