Charlotte to Invest Millions to Help Homeless People – WSOC TV

The City of Charlotte is expected to allocate millions of dollars in funds provided by the CARES Act federal aid package to address the homeless situation. During a meeting Monday night, city leaders praised the law for the help it offers.

“I think it’s fair to say that this aid package is a gift that keeps on giving,” said Shawn Heath, assistant city manager.

The city plans to provide $ 2.1 million in grants to the nonprofit United Way. This will provide one year of accommodation for 75 people who lived in the Tent City camp. More than 150 people who previously lived in Tent City are in hotels. According to the city, the county says that people who do not receive this funding will need a higher level of service.

Charlotte leaders also plan to provide $ 700,000 to the Salvation Army to lease a hotel from July through December. This will provide shelter for 400 families.

“It is good to know that we are intentionally and deliberately working to help the homeless population,” said Council Member Renee Johnson.

There is yet another money the city can use from the CARES Act in the form of community development grants. This money can be used for purchases.

With these dollars, the city plans to provide an additional $ 2.5 million to the Salvation Army. This money will help the organization buy the hotel that the city hopes to rent for the 400 families.

According to the city, $ 300,000 will go to Social Serve, a nonprofit organization that will use the money to hire people to help find housing opportunities.

“People are hurting now and they need help,” said Council Member Malcolm Graham.

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