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“Charlie Woods’ PGA Tour Pre-Qualifier Marred by Aggressive Autograph Seekers and Disruptive Fans”

Charlie Woods, the 15-year-old son of golf legend Tiger Woods, recently competed in his first PGA Tour pre-qualifier in Hobe Sound, Florida. The event was marred by aggressive autograph seekers and disruptive fans, creating a chaotic atmosphere for the young golfer. Despite the distractions, Charlie conducted himself beautifully and showcased his talent on the course.

The pre-qualifier took place at Lost Lake Golf Club, where Charlie teed off in hopes of earning a spot in the open qualifier for the Cognizant Classic at the Palm Beaches. Around 50 spectators, reporters, and photographers followed him throughout the 18-hole qualifier. Even though his father, Tiger Woods, was not in attendance, Charlie’s mother, Elin Nordegren, showed her support.

Unfortunately, Charlie’s performance did not meet his expectations. He shot a 16-over 86, missing advancement by 19 shots. The round was highlighted by a challenging par-4 seventh hole, where he scored a 12. Despite the disappointing score, it was evident that the crowd was far more unsightly than Charlie’s game.

According to reports from the Palm Beach Post, the crowd routinely disobeyed marshals’ requests to stay off the fairways on the rope-less layout. Fans even went as far as diving into bushes to retrieve Charlie’s out-of-bounds tee shots. The disruptive behavior extended to autograph seekers as well. One woman became agitated when she was denied an autograph from Charlie after requesting him to sign one of Tiger Woods’ books.

The situation could have escalated further if not for Charlie’s two-man security detail, which included a Martin County sheriff’s deputy. The presence of security helped maintain some order amidst the chaos caused by overzealous fans.

Despite the distractions and disappointing score, Charlie received praise from his playing competitor, Olin Browne Jr., who is the son of three-time Tour winner Olin Browne. Browne Jr. commended Charlie’s conduct and recognized the challenge of playing a professional event at such a young age. He acknowledged Charlie’s beautiful golf game and high-quality shots, even on a day when he didn’t have his best performance.

Out of the four pre-qualifier sites, 31 players advanced to the Monday qualifier for the Cognizant Classic. Among those who moved on were Austin Lemieux, son of hockey great Mario Lemieux, and Julius Boros, the grandson of the late three-time major winner with the same name. Notable players like Luis Gagne, Patrick Flavin, and Kamaiu Johnson also secured their spots in the next round.

Charlie Woods’ PGA Tour pre-qualifier may have been marred by disruptive fans and autograph seekers, but it provided a glimpse into the young golfer’s potential. Despite the challenges he faced on and off the course, Charlie conducted himself with grace and showcased his talent. As he continues to develop his skills, golf enthusiasts eagerly await his future endeavors in the sport.


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