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Channel One’s audience was captivated by the performance of Lyubov Uspenskaya’s daughter.

Yaroslav Grigoriev

1 time ago

Lyubov Uspenskaya and Tatyana Plaksina

The experts present in the studio were amazed at the vocal abilities of Tatyana Plaksina. Many believe that a great future awaits the girl on stage.

Today, Channel One showed a new release of the program “Two Stars. Fathers and Sons”. A real sensation was made by the duet of 69-year-old Lyubov Uspenskaya and her daughter Tatyana Plaksina (also known under the pseudonym Pacha Tati). The artists, who appeared in the studio in very bold outfits, heartfeltly performed the song “Guitar”, forcing the jury members and the audience to jump up in delight from their seats.

Tatyana Plaksina and Lyubov Uspenskaya

“You have us all captured. Passion and power, and beauty, and some kind of erotica. A female whirlwind that completely enslaved me. I give you five points! Dmitry Malikov said.

Actress Daria Moroz was even more emotional. According to her, Plaksina has an amazing low voice and incredible female energy. As for Leonid Yarmolnik, he said that the duet “gave the audience a real holiday.” Of course, Ouspenskaya and Plaksina were flattered by such words. And the touched “queen of Russian chanson” remembered that in her childhood her daughter did not like the way she sang.

“I even scared her. She said: “Tanya, if you don’t sleep, then I will sing.” After that, she quickly closed her eyes and fell asleep, ”Lubov Zalmanovna smiles.

Plaksina herself admitted that it was not so easy for her to be on the same stage with her mother exposed in indecent form – primarily because the performer of “Cabriolet” is very demanding. In addition, Uspenskaya is energetic and has an explosive character, but her daughter has a completely different temperament. Nevertheless, Tatyana liked this experience.

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