Changes in the opening evening program of “Liepaja Art Forum” Press release

September 16, 2020.

The information was prepared by Elizabete Hartmane, SIA “Lielais Dzintars” Public Relations Manager.

Concert hall “Lielais dzintars” informs about changes in the upcoming program of the opening evening of “Liepāja Art Forum” on September 25, 2020. Due to the situation in Belgium and the travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, visitors will unfortunately not have the opportunity to experience the world premiere of the dance performance “Piano Dance in Debussy. Lizbet Gruvez & Claire Chevalier”. As it is currently not possible to predict the possible date of the event, the event will be canceled and the ticket holders will be refunded.

Buyers who have purchased tickets at the ticket offices of “Biļešu Paradīze”, paying by card or in cash, must go to one of the box offices and present the ticket for the event. In exchange for the ticket, the buyer will be refunded. If tickets are purchased on the website, the money for the tickets will be automatically returned to the buyer’s bank account within the next few days from the cancellation of the concert (September 16).

Concert hall “Lielais dzintars” apologizes to visitors for the inconvenience and during the previously scheduled event, on Friday, September 25 at 19.00 invites to visit the opening experience of “Liepāja Art Forum” “Music from the depths of the ocean”, which will be available to all interested people free of charge.

The participants of the opening evening of the “Liepāja Art Forum” will be part of an adventure of creating music and an expedition to explore the Pacific Ocean. Together with the French artist Aurélie Ferrière, the audience will experience a suggestive live performance filled with underwater sounds.

In 2017, sound artist, composer and producer Orelli Ferrier spent a six-week expedition aboard a ship that, 500 years after the famous Fernando Magellan expedition, embarked on a multi-year world-traveling adventure in the footsteps of a famous Portuguese sailor. During the expedition, scientists analyzed and documented the state of the ocean, while artists immortalized man’s relationship with nature and ecology.

From the Solomon Islands jungle to the Indonesian sunshine, the French artist recorded the sounds of the Pacific underwater and returned home to create a sonic journey – an audiovisual, surrounding composition, a spatial composition about adventures, the environment and the exotic underwater world.

Free entrance tickets to the event “Liepāja Art Forum opening adventure. Music from the depths of the ocean” can be obtained at “Biļešu Paradīze” box offices throughout Latvia or on the website The maximum number of entrance cards available per person is 4.

“Liepāja Art Forum” with the financial support of the State Culture Capital Fund and Liepāja Municipality is organized by Liepāja Concert Hall “Lielais dzintars”. Information about all forum fees and free events can be read at:

Additional information:

Elizabete Hartmane,

SIA “Lielais Dzintars”

Public Relations Manager


T.: +371 25993399

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