CES 2023: WowWee introduces app-controlled co-rob

A Oh! took advantage of CES 2023 launch a robot dog with functions and the promise of fun for the whole family. Dogethat although not as sturdy as what it was released by OPPO recentlyit can guarantee a lot of fun for children.

One of the highlights of this little robot is that it can be controlled via an application, which is available for both devices Android how much iOS. In this way it is possible to configure the commands of the electronic dog and even its personality.

Still on this, the application allows the creation of different user profiles and each of them can make a different personality adjustment. Therefore, the dog will behave according to who is interacting with him. Plus, he can be trained to do tricks like real animals do.

The app also has sections related to the care of the pet robot, such as feeding and other problems related to the pet’s routine. In this regard, there is even a virtual vet to take care of him. In general, they are 200 sounds and reactionsMoreover 6 focus sensorsmicrophone, speakers and 12 LED lights.

The Dog-E robot dog is available for pre-order on the manufacturer’s official website and the amount charged is $80 (BRL 420 in direct conversion). According to the company, orders placed up to February 14th will come with 4 gift necklaces and deliveries will be made since September.

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