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CES 2020: LG Display announces the arrival of 48-inch Oled TVs

LG Display, a subsidiary of LG dedicated to the manufacture of Oled and LCD panels, has just announced the appearance of 48-inch Oled panels for televisions.

LG Display – the LG division dedicated to the manufacture of Oled and LCD panels and the only company in the world able to manufacture Oled panels in volume for televisions – has just announced its new products for CES 2020. The company communicates in first place on the arrival of Oled screens for aircraft. 55-inch Oled tiles can be installed on the interior walls of the aircraft to increase the feeling of space. 65-inch Utra HD curved panels on each side should provide a premium audio-visual experience for first-class passengers. Finally, Oled 55 inch Full HD transparent screens up to 40% will also dress the cabins.

LG Display also mentions the arrival of Plastic Oled (POLED) screens of 12.3, 12.8, 13.3 and 14 inches for the automotive and aviation sectors. The manufacturer does not communicate on the integration of these screens in tablets or consumer laptops.

Finally, around the press release, LG Display announces – almost anecdotally – the arrival of a new diagonal of 48 inches for Ultra HD televisions. Many manufacturers should also unveil a 48-inch Oled TV. These models will display a resolution of 92 pixels per inch, almost the same as that found on the Oled 8K TV of 88 inches which reaches a resolution of 100 ppi. The big unknown remains the price of these televisions. We’ll be sure to ask, but the 48-inch Oled TVs shouldn’t be much cheaper than the 55-inch models. Products on a smaller scale, they should not benefit from the same discounts. Remember that there are 55-inch Oled TVs around € 1,200 on Black Friday or when the range is renewed in the second quarter of each year.

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