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Cervinia changes name and becomes Le Breiul the revolt of the residents

Fear of the repercussions on tourism but also of the bureaucracy necessary to redo all the documents

Riccardo Cristilli

Cervinia changes its name and will be called only Le Breuil, its original name is of French origin which it has always had but which everyone has somewhat forgotten.

cervinia changes name

The small fraction of 700 souls, part of the municipality of Valtournenche in Val d’Aosta, is particularly well-known and linked to mountain tourism. During the years of fascism the original French name, Le Breuil in fact, it was joined by Cervinia, linked to the nearby Mount Cervino, to Italianize the toponymy. And this name remained for almost 90 years, attached to the well-known destination for ski enthusiasts. The hamlet has in fact grown around the ski resort of Breuil-Cervinia which is among the best known in the Italian Alps. The Cervino Anonymous Company was born in 1934 and in 1936 had the system built that connects it to Plain Maison with the Swiss slopes of Zermatt, between Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn.

bureaucratic risks

Now a decree from the president of the Valle d’Aosta Region, Renzo Testolin, repeals the Italian name to restore the French one as the only way to call the hamlet. The cchange was born following a request from the previous city council led by Jean-Antoine Maquignaz and which he will now take care of Elisa Cicco, current mayor. The fear is that this change, with the disappearance of the name Cervinia from the maps, could cause significant damage to tourism, given that all the signage is also expected to be replaced. Not only that, residents also fear problems related to bureaucracy and the need to change identity cards, passports, all those certificates and documents bearing the wording Breuil-Cervinia. After the case exploded, the mayor underlined how they are looking for a solution with the President of the Region to keep the name Cervinia. But he admitted that it won’t be easy given that there have been formal steps already started.

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