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“Centropol Introduces FIXNÁ: New Gas Supply Product Offered at 16% Lower Than Government Cap”

The new gas product FIXNÁ for 1.5 years copies in its name, and therefore also the length of the fixation, the two-week-old offer of Centropol for the supply of electricity, which the supplier offers at a price 16 percent lower than the government ceiling.

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The price of gas has now been reduced even more significantly compared to the government cap, by almost a quarter. A household that uses gas not only for cooking and heating water, but also for heating will pay CZK 1,906 without VAT (CZK 2,306 with VAT) for one MWh. A fixed monthly salary (depending on the consumption range from 50 to 105 CZK without VAT) and distribution fees must be added to the amount.

“We are fulfilling our public promise that we will operatively reduce our prices for end customers depending on the development of the wholesale markets. We are supplementing our product portfolio with a new FIXED gas supply product for 1.5 years, which is currently one of the cheapest newly offered products in the Czech Republic,” said Jiří Matoušek, member of the board of directors and marketing director of Centropol.

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In recent weeks, suppliers have been competing to see who can offer customers more favorable conditions for the supply of electricity and gas. For the time being, the cheapest price lists with a one-year fixation were published last week by the supplier E.ON.

He set the price of electricity in the basic distribution rate D02d at 3,725 CZK without VAT per MWh, i.e. more than a thousandths lower than the government ceiling. It even offers gas to households that heat with it for just under CZK 1,300 without VAT per MWh, which is CZK 1,200 less than the ceiling.

In addition to gas, Centropol also offers a new tariff for electricity, which is especially suitable for owners of cottages and cottages. It is a product with a two-year fixation at a price of CZK 4,290/MWh of power electricity without VAT and a fixed monthly salary of only CZK 45 without VAT.

“The MINI product for two years is intended for consumption points with an electricity consumption of up to 1.2 MWh, i.e. especially for cottages, cottages and other similar objects, and is valid for all distribution rates. The condition for ordering the product is sending the annual statement by e-mail and cashless payment of overpayments,” explained Matoušek.

According to data from the Market Operator, Centropol had 220,000 electricity customers as of February this year, and supplied gas to 71,000 customers.

Centropol offers electricity at a price of almost a thousand under the ceiling


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