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Cellphone Explodes While Playing, 9-Year-Old Boy in Ciamis Dies with Burns on the Chest

KOMPAS.com – A boy with the initials I (9), was found dead at his home in Kiarapayung Village, Rancah District, Kabupaten niceWest Java, Wednesday (3/8/2022) afternoon.

The victim died allegedly because the cellphone he was playing exploded.

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Head of Kiarapayung Village, Dedi explained, on Wednesday at 14.00 WIB, I returned home after school.

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The victim’s mother, R, then left the house to buy food for the victim.

The victim is suspected to have played with his cellphone when his mother left. The phone is used while charging.

Half an hour later R came home. R was shocked to see his son in a prone position and unconscious.

“When the victim’s mother returned home, the victim was found dead. Her position was face down,” said Dedi, when met at the funeral home, Thursday (4/8/2022).

It is suspected that the victim fell asleep while playing with his cellphone. While the position of the cellphone is on the victim’s chest.

It is suspected that the cellphone exploded because there were burns on the victim’s chest. Another wound is on the right side of the neck.

Meanwhile, the position of the charger, according to the victim’s mother to Dedi, was still at the electrical terminal. There are no burn marks on the charger or the cord.

“Physically, Cass is still good. However, the cellphone battery has been detached from the cellphone. The condition is convex,” explained Dedi.

Play on tiles without a mat

Meanwhile, D, the victim’s father, said that I was playing with my cellphone in the living room of his house. At that time, the victim was playing on tiles without a mat.

“Kids lying on the tiles,” he said. (Pangandaran Contributing Author, Candra Nugraha | Editor Teuku Muhammad Valdy Arief)

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