Celebrity Big Brother Finale: Isn’t That …? TV star sits in the audience – and doesn’t seem very enthusiastic

The audience at “Celebrity Big Brother” consists largely of cardboard cutouts – and even a TV star.

© Sat1 / Willi Weber

“Wait a minute, what is he doing there?” – That was probably what some TV viewers thought when they saw the “Celebrity Big Brother” final on Friday. Because there was a well-known moderator in the audience.

Munich – Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of viewers in the “Promi Big Brother“-Studio severely limited. The majority of the audience seats are occupied by cardboard figures. The “real” flesh and blood spectators are often friends and family members of the candidates, with motivational sayings for their favorites, or even resigned residents.

“Celebrity Big Brother” 2021: TV presenter Elton suddenly seen

In the final of “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2021 someone made it into the studio audience who actually had nothing to do with “Celebrity Big Brother”: Moderator Elton (50) sat in the middle. He posted a photo of the warmup in his Instagram story, which is supposed to keep the viewers happy.

Elton posted a photo from the audience on Instagram.

© Sat.1

Even with the TV viewers, Elton did not go undetected: He was sitting in the first row between two cardboard cutouts, diagonally in front of Jörg Draeger’s wife. But when the “Beat the Star” presenter was shown in close-up, he didn’t look particularly enthusiastic. Of course, it’s possible that this was just a snapshot and the TV star actually enjoyed the show. On Twitter, however, the scene with Elton became a meme straight away. The basic tenor: Elton finds the last, almost four hours long “Celebrity Big Brother” episode as unspectacular as most viewers.

Twitter users discover Elton in the studio of “Celebrity Big Brother” 2021

A Twitter user Elton put the following words in his mouth: “I’ll check it out personally to see if the moderator is really that shitty.” An allusion to the moderator duo Marlene Lufen and Jochen Schropp, who keep doing it Have to take criticism. “Wrong program, Elton. No problem. Tomorrow comes hit the star, ”tweeted another viewer. Another wrote: “If you took a wrong turn somewhere in your career and are now sitting in the audience at #PromiBB, but are happy that you don’t have to be a candidate yet.”

Does Elton like the final show?

© Screenshot/Twitter

A Twitter user suspects that Elton made a mistake in the day and is therefore in the “Celebrity Big Brother” audience.

© Screenshot/Twitter

And even in the last final game, Elton did not look exactly euphoric. “Elton zero enthusiastic again. Like all of us, “commented a user on Twitter, his sight.

Elton watches in the audience how the finalists have to climb up a trunk.

© Screenshot/Twitter

Did Elton actually have no fun as a “Celebrity BB” viewer? If you looked closely, you could actually see the 50-year-old laughing and clapping in the background! (spl)


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