Celebrating 100 Years of Madeleine Simon: A Special Day at the Ploermel Community

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Posted on June 10, 2023

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It was a day of celebration this Friday afternoon at the Oust residence, the MAPA du Roc Saint-André. All the staff, the residents, but also the elected officials of the Val d’Oust including the members of the CCAS and Florence Prunet, the mayor of the Val d’Oust, were gathered to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Madeleine Simon, surrounded by one of her sons Marc and one of her daughters Chantal.

Madeleine Simon is of a very discreet nature and did not want big speeches for this anniversary. But still, 100 years cannot go unnoticed. So the guests chose to mark this moment by performing an essential song: “we don’t have 100 years every day”. And then, she received flowers and a huge cake which she blew out the candles with a smile. At Roc Saint-André, everyone knows Madeleine Simon because she walks every day both inside and outside the residence. And if she likes discretion, she is nonetheless a very affable person whose presence is appreciated by all.

After the war, Madeleine Simon left to live in the Paris region with her husband, originally from La Chapelle-Caro, where she worked at the University of Nanterre. Then, at the time of retirement, she returned to the country, to settle next to her sister, at the Mine, a few hundred meters from her birthplace, before integrating the residence of Oust August 2, 2012 where she lives happy days. Madeleine Simon gave birth to 4 children: Chantal, who lives in Nanterre, Marc who has lived for a few years in Questembert, Jean-Luc living in Menucourt in the Val d’Oise and Martine in Grenoble. A family circle which also includes 7 grandchildren and as many great-grandchildren.

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