Ceará and America tie, and leave the last vacancy for Libertadores indefinite – 12/05/2021

In direct confrontation for a vacancy in the liberators in the penultimate round of Brasileirão, Ceará and América-MG were tied by 0-0. The result is bad for both sides, as it puts a third element, Internacional, in this fight in the last round.

At the moment, Ceará and América have 50 points each. Due to the extra victory, América-MG still maintains a place in the preliminary round of the Libertadores with the ninth place. Inter, with 48, could disrupt the plans of both teams tomorrow, when they face Atlético-GO.

Ceará’s last and decisive commitment is against Palmeiras, which gave vacation to the starting lineup after winning the Libertadores. America-MG receives São Paulo.

Igor: it gave work to America

Igor was dominant on the right side of Ceará, being responsible for eight away balls in the match. In the last move of the match, he took the corner that could have resulted in Messias’ goal.

Marlon, only damage

At 37 minutes, Marlon risked a beautiful shot from afar that ended up going up a little too much. Afterwards, he fell on the lawn complaining of pain. For taking a long time to leave the field, he received a yellow card and will be embezzled by America in the last round. And he was also replaced, John Paul took his place.

Celebrated Vina

When announced over Castelão’s loudspeakers, midfielder Vina’s squad was greatly celebrated by Vozão fans. Until yesterday (4), his name was in doubt because of the pain in his right thigh that took him out of the game against Flamengo.

On the field, he failed to show the great soccer that makes him the top scorer of Ceará in the Championship. With no strength in his foot, many of his attempts stopped at Cavichioli’s hands.

Problems early on

With just eight minutes of play, Ceará has already had to move its pieces. Jael had to leave the field because of pain he felt in his foot after a split, putting Yony Gonzalez in his place. The Colombian also didn’t last long game, left after the break for Cleber’s entry. At 14, Bruno Pacheco suffered a shock and was also replaced. Kelvyn took over the mission on the left side.

very nervous

The first half showed that the teams felt the weight of responsibility for today’s game, earning a spot in Libertadores. Both Ceará and América showed nervousness when solving the plays, which resulted in 45 minutes without much work for the goalkeepers.

Missed the goal

Ceará grew in the complementary stage, mainly with the entry of Cleber. He even scored a goal in the 15th minute, but the irregular position forced the assistant to cancel the move. In addition, Matheus Cavichioli also stood out, making good saves that saved América-MG.

Despite the dominance of Ceará, the game is really for America, when Ademir lost a goal scored in the 49th minute of the second half. Even with colleagues as a passing option in a play that left João Ricardo beaten, he opted to kick across and wasted the opportunity.

Ceará 0 x 0 America-MG

Competition: Brazilian Championship 2021 (37th round)
Data: December 5, 2021, Sunday
Hour: 19h, from Brasilia
Local: Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza (CE)
Public: 51,123 fans
Referee: Raphael Claus (SP)
Assistants: Eduardo Gonçalves da Cruz (MS) and Daniel Luis Marques (SP)
WHERE: Vinicius Furlan (SP)

Yellow cards: Marlon and Lucas Kai (America-MG)

Ceará: João Ricardo; Igor, Messias, Luiz Otávio and Bruno Pacheco (Kelvyn); Fabinho (Marlon), Fernando Sobral, Lima (Rick) and Vina; Mendoza and Jael (Yony González; Cleber). Technical: James Nunes

America-MG: Matheus Cavichioli; Patric, Eduardo Bauermann, Anderson Jesus and Marlon (João Paulo); Lucas Kai, Juninho Valoura (Fabricio) and Juninho; Ademir, Zárate (Rodolfo) and Felipe Azevedo (Zé Ricardo). Technical: Marquinhos Santos


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