CD&V wants to limit unemployment benefits to three years “for people who say they don’t want to work”

“The reality is that people who have been unemployed for three years often don’t get back into the job market, so I think we need to rethink that system,” Mahdi said. He finds it logical that people receive a little more at the start of their unemployment, because everyone can become unemployed from time to time. “But you also have to make sure people get back to work, so you have to reduce the benefit and be able to stop it at some point,” says Mahdi.

Specifically, he proposes to suspend the benefit for unavailability to work after three years. “Six months before the end of those three years you can have a conversation with people who are unemployed, but if that conversation shows that they don’t want to accept a job offer and don’t want to work, then you can respond that they are no longer eligible for employment.” unemployment benefit.

A striking position, because in the past the party has always been against this limitation over time. “The job market has changed, and not just a little,” CD&V Vice President Robrecht Bothuyne said on Twitter.

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