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Catering business Elmer’s in Groningen stops because of the one and a half meters distance: ‘The work was always a party’

After ten years, Elmer’s in the Nieuwe Ebbingestraat in Groningen will close its doors on 1 May. Due to the 1.5 meter distance and the size of the building, the team cannot see how they can continue in the current building. “The work was always a party. We celebrated Christmas and birthdays together here. ”

Elmer’s is named after Elmer, with Down syndrome. When it turned out that Elmer’s affinity lay in the catering industry, sister Lotte and mother Monique decided to start a catering business together.


Keep distance

Over the past ten years, the team has not only provided all guests with lunches, high teas and parties, but also provided dinners for the mayor and aldermen of Groningen and for members of the Lower House. Now, due to the corona measures, the curtain is falling for the catering business.

Because of the size of the building, it is not possible to keep a good distance from each other. “We are in a fairly small building and now that everything is allowed to open again and must be handled a meter and a half away, we just don’t see how that is possible for us”, says Lotte.

“We already found out last year in the summer. We were able to bridge those months by going to work on my parents’ farm. We also don’t know how long the distance will take. We can only work with a very small group, the other half will be at home. ”

Pick-up hatch for picnic baskets

And that half of the group is at home is difficult, says mother Monique. “For example, we tried with two or three participants. It was then, due to the distance rule, not possible to receive guests. Last summer we tried to sell picnic baskets and crêpes by means of a collection hatch, but just after the hatch was made, it changed again. ”

“That month it only rained”, Lotte adds. “We tried a lot, it also looked very nice, but we couldn’t do anything with it. We are very creative and can come up with many things, but still: you have the space and safety, ”concludes Monique.

Lots of nice comments

The closure of the restaurant evokes a lot of emotions in both. “It’s a shame, but there are so many great reactions coming in”, says Monique. “And that will also come in again, right Lot? Very beautiful things are said. ”

“Yes, we will miss everything”, says Lotte. “Working with the team. We have done so many fun things together. On Monday Elmer’s was closed for guests and we practiced a lot and made excursions. It was always a party in this building. We will miss that very much. And we will certainly miss the contact with our guests and neighbors, many of whom have become dear to us! ”

Dot the i

Although Elmer’s stops at this location, Lotte and Monique continue elsewhere with the same team. When asked if they can say anything about it, both respond with the same answer: “That will come when everything is finished! We are busy making new plans and then putting all the finishing touches on the i. And when the time comes, we’ll be happy to let you know!

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