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Carvago’s online used car market is open to end customers

Czech automotive startup Carvago opened to end customers today. The service was originally aimed mainly at competitors such as Auto1.com, now it wants to break through thanks to the concept of selling used cars online right in front of the door of the end buyer’s house (with delivery within 15 days).

Behind the startup is the European Automotive Group (EAG) holding company, in which the Portiva group holds a 50% stake, the remaining stake is evenly distributed among its co-founders – Jakub Šult (co – founder of Košík.cz) a Jan Kranát (formerly manager at Volkswagen and ŠkoFin).

Before the final sale to the end customer, the service is bought by the service into its ownership, which enables it to guarantee the announced condition of the cars sold and to provide a guarantee for it. They also try to sell additional services to the cars, such as extended warranties, registration, washing, financing options, MOT, minor service, polishing or beating.

“In cooperation with our partners from the ranks of certified dealers and dealers, we provide customers across Europe with virtually unlimited possibilities in choosing a car that will no longer be limited only by the local offer. Complete online sales, including door to door delivery, have not yet been launched in Europe, making it the largest innovative disruption in the automotive industry in the last 30 years. We have over 1 year of testing, a pilot phase from the period of the coronary crisis, experience from B2B programs and the background of a great team in our ranks, ”says Jakub Šulta, CEO Carvago. “We have very strict rules for buying cars and we only offer customers those that pass a strict quality audit, which is on average only 2 cars out of 5,” he adds.

In addition to sales to end customers, the service also continues to develop its platform for B2B partners.

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