Carlos Ghosn did he really flee from Japan aboard a musical instrument case?

Carlos Ghosn in Tokyo, in March 2019. – Kazuki Wakasugi / AP / SIPA

Since the announcement of his surprise arrival in Lebanon, the question is on everyone’s lips: how
Carlos Ghosn Did he manage to escape the Japanese authorities shortly before Christmas Eve, to the very surprise of his lawyer? And this, while he was under house arrest in Tokyo and deprived of his passports, pending his trial scheduled for 2020?

according to MTV Lebanon TV channel, taken over by
the English press, the former CEO of Renault-Nissan,
indicted in Japan in 2018 for breach of trust and concealment of income, would have found a technique to say the least unexpected … since he would have brought a band to his home to leave discreetly by their side.

Once this private concert ended, Carlos Ghosn would indeed have slipped into a trunk originally intended for the transport of an instrument. Thus concealed, he was then taken to a regional airport – with less strict controls than the two major airports in Tokyo – from where he took off for Turkey on a private flight. Once there, he would have finally boarded aboard a jet to Lebanon.

A source close to Carlos Ghosn denies

A scenario worthy of a film, which was however denied to the AFP by a source in the entourage of Carlos Ghosn. The Lebanese foreign ministry also claimed that he had “legally entered” Lebanon, and that there was nothing “to expose him to prosecution.”

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