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Carboni, debut as predestined: Inter have big plans, no one is surprised

The Argentine jewel showed up great in the Nerazzurri’s first pre-season test played in Lugano

Minute 88 of Lugano-Inter, Inter’s first pre-season test 2022/2023 edition: Simone Inzaghi sends on the field Valentin Carboni, talented striker born in 2005. Minute 89: the Argentine receives the ball on the three quarters, raises his head and lets off a torpedo from the left from 30 meters that touches the intersection of the posts. A predestined business card for the Nerazzurri jewel, who wanted to send a signal to the few who still don’t know his extraordinary qualities. A play that made Inter fans roll their eyes, and that immediately triggered important comparisons: one above all, Adriano’s racing car in August 2001 against Real Madrid. Who certainly was not surprised by Carboni’s talent and personality is Inter, who already have big plans ready for him.

Inter know they have an authentic jewel in their hands, and they certainly haven’t discovered it in these days of training in Appiano Gentile with the First Team. Arriving in Milan in the summer of 2020, a year ago he was promoted first to the Under 18 and immediately after to the Primavera, where he became one of the protagonists of the Scudetto despite playing from under age. As confirmed by Inzaghi, the intention of the Nerazzurri club is to aggregate him on a permanent basis among the “greats”: an opportunity that Valentin did not miss, so much so that the holidays were shortened in order to present himself at his best from day one.

During the season he will alternate between the First Team and the Primavera, so as not to lose the rhythm and the habit of playing. At the end of July, he will also participate in the Alcudia Tournament with Argentina, after which he will return to Milan: an non-stop summer, which could consecrate it to an even higher level.

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