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Car tax forgiven, how to check on the collection portal

The amnesty of the car tax falls within the excerpt of the 2000-2010 folders under 5 thousand euros. But it will be up to the taxpayer to verify the cancellation.

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Amnesty yes, generalized no. The car tax will not disappear from the expense list of Italians in possession of their own car. Far from it. For some, however, the cancellation of the most “ancient” debts is ready, in a fiscal peace strategy that aims at clearing the arrears now considered uncollectible. Or, in any case, more a cost than a potential return for Collection. All of this is part of the provision ordered by the Government, which aims to remove the tax bills for the period 2000-2010 that are still unpaid.

All this, provided that the folders are within 5 thousand euros (equal to or below). The cancellation of the car tax is part of the program and only for those who do. Everyone else will have to continue to pay it regularly, with no hope of having it canceled as someone had thought. The benefit, as mentioned, will be available under certain conditions but there will be no communications to that effect. Who will receive the cancellation will not be contacted directly by the Revenue Agency and, for this, he will have to verify for himself that everything has gone the right way.

Canceled car tax: how to check if everything is ok

Both before and after the cancellation, the taxpayer will have to carry out the necessary checks. First of all, it is up to him to understand whether or not he can fall within the amnesty of the car tax on the basis of the provisions of the Support Decree (article 4, paragraphs 4-9) which govern the removal of folders within 5 thousand euros and between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2010. The beneficiaries include natural persons who, in 2019, earned a taxable income not exceeding 30 thousand euros. Or different subjects under the same conditions, with reference to the tax period in progress as at 31 December 2019.

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This is why we speak of amnesty, of the car tax as of the other unresolved slopes falling within the category of excerpt (for example the old fines). The Revenue Agency, however, will not send communications. The verification of the amnesty, in fact, it must be carried out by the taxpayer himself through the portal of the Collection Agent. The debts relating to the “useful” car tax for scrapping-ter, it is possible that now they fall within the scope of the balance and excerpt. If the presence of loads potentially affected by the amnesty emerges, new payment slips for scrapping ter will be printed, indicating sums (including stamp duty) net of the amounts relating to the written off debts.

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