Can colds give you immunity to corona virus?

A scientific study has found that some forms of the common cold may help provide protection against the coronavirus, and, according to immune experts’ research, immunity to coronavirus can last up to 17 years.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, researchers said that patients who had previously had a common cold due to viruses related to Covid-19 , Called beta-koron viruses, may have immunity or have a milder form of the disease.

Cause viruses Betacoronavirus , Especially OC43 And HKU1 Common cold, but also severe chest infections in the elderly and younger patients.

It shares many genetic traits with coronavirus Covid-19 And MERS And SARS , Which are all transmitted from animals to humans, and coronaviruses are believed to cause up to 30 percent of all colds, but it is not known exactly how many causes are caused by the types of betakuronava viruses..

Scientists have now found evidence that some immunity may be present for many years because of T cells in the body from previous virus attacks of similar genetic makeup – even among people who have not been exposed to Covid-19. Or SARS.

T cells are a type of white blood cell and form part of the second line of defense of the immune system against any viral attack, as they begin to appear approximately a week after infection..

It has long been believed to provide permanent virus protection and as such is called “memory” cells“.

The protective effect of these cells must be demonstrated against Covid-19 In more experiments, but experts say patients have recovered from the deadly lung virus SARS In 2003 they showed immune responses to the major proteins found in Covid-19.

The researchers said, “ These results show that cells T Special memory for the virus caused by long-term beta-coron virus infection, which supports the idea that patients are ill Covid-19 They will develop long-term immunity to T cells.

Our findings also raise an interesting possibility that infection with related viruses can also protect or modify diseases caused by SARS-Cove-2. [[The strain of coronavirus that causes Covid-19]. “

Blood was taken from 24 patients recovered from Covid-19 , 23 who contracted SARS and 18 who were never exposed to SARS Covid-19.

More surprisingly, according to scientists, half of the patients in the group had none Covid-19 or SARS They have cells T Which showed an immune response to animal betakuronava viruses, Covid-19 And SARS.

This was suggested by patients’ immunity that was developed after exposure to common colds caused by the betakuronava virus or perhaps from other pathogens not yet known..

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