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“Can Boston Stage an Epic Comeback Against Miami in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals?”

The green squad of Massachusetts fell in the first three duels of the Eastern Conference final against the Miami Heat, with a score of 116-123, 105-111 and 102-128, however, they managed to emerge unscathed yesterday in the fourth duel for 116-99, to thus feed the dreams of a possible epic comeback.

Before this matchup began, Boston was considered an ultra-favourite to beat Miami, widely considered the big revelation of the postseason rounds.

However, after losing the three initial games of the series, agreed to the best of seven, all the predictions turned against him, since, in 75 editions of the NBA, no team was able to reverse that disadvantage in the 149 previous occasions.

In fact, only three times did the team that was behind manage to tie the series 3-3 and force the seventh game, but they always lost in the decisive clash.

Boston now has a date with history. He can turn the tide, though to do so he’ll still need to win three online games against a Miami Heat who are inspired to the core.

Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo and company comply with the absolute maxim of team sports: teamwork as a basic element to enhance everyone’s talent and optimize results on the pitch.

This Eastern Conference final will have a recess today, and will resume tomorrow with the fifth game, scheduled for 8:30 p.m. local time, at the TD Garden in Boston.

The host squad, once again, will start as the wide favorite of the experts and the bookmakers, although many are already expecting, from one moment to the next, a Miami victory that will reaffirm the guideline of history.

The winner of this confrontation will advance to the NBA Finals, where the Denver Nuggets, executioners of the Los Angeles Lakers, await for a 4-0 sweep.


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