Camilla shows her heart during rare interview: “The criticism of my relationship with Charles was difficult” | Royalty

Camilla and Charles, according to the Prince’s authorized biography, had been having an affair for years while they were both married to someone else. Their relationship became official after the divorce of Charles and his wife Diana in 1996. “It wasn’t easy,” said Camilla, who reflects on the romance’s beginnings and her own divorce from Andrew Parker Bowles in 1995. “I was under scrutiny for so long. And you have to find a way to live with that.” “No one likes to be stared at and, you know, criticized all the time. But I think I eventually got over it. You have to get on with life.”

Camilla also says in the interview with the British magazine that the relationship with Charles is sometimes hard work, because they both have a full agenda. “Sometimes it’s hard, but we try to see each other every day. Sometimes it’s short, but we like to have a cup of tea together to discuss the day,” said Camilla. “It’s nice to catch up then. Although I think it’s best to sit together in the same room and read a book. We don’t have to say anything. We just sit together.”

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