Calls for support for the puppy’s efforts to become the next dog therapist

Every inhabitant of Latvia is invited to help the puppy Pepija become the next dog therapist and thus promote canine therapy in Latvia, donating to all Narvesen outlets until November 8, informed the association “Dog with a mission”.

Pyrenean mountain dog Pepija is being prepared for the canine therapy dog ​​profession. “Although Pepy is only eight months young, her outline is just like an Icelandic pony, but her character is just like Pepie Garzeque’s – a little spite, a lot of energy, but most of all – a lot of confidence and kindness. Pepy is from the canine therapy society “Maigais suns”, where these dogs are bred by cynologist Vikors Mucenieks, “the society informed.

Dog breeder and dog handler Viktors Mucenieks

“It is important to introduce the dog to the professional environment in which he is expected to operate in the future at the age of a puppy. Puppies go with adult dog therapists to social care centers before the special training camp to get to know different people, encounter specific smells and unusual situations. That’s why Pepy’s training process has already begun, visiting several social care centers and getting to know both seniors and children with mental disorders. ”

In several projects, the Association “Dog with a Mission” already supports the work of canine therapy dogs, believing in the positive impact of these animals on human mental health.

Head of the Association “Dog with a Mission” Liene Šterneberga

“Our goal is to ensure that the profession” canister therapist “is also officially included in the classification of professions and recognized as necessary in Latvia. Let’s do what we can so that people who are currently volunteering for canister therapy can do so to the fullest in the future as their own bakery work. ”

The association was informed that in the near future Pepija could replace one of the still working retired dog therapists, the dog should get a positive evaluation in the dog therapist exam on October 31. The team of the association “Dog with a Mission” will go along to morally support Pepy and create a story in which to tell about the course of the exam.

The donated financial support is intended to cover Pepi’s feed and veterinary expenses, the purchase of the necessary training equipment, the remuneration of dog handlers in dog training, official courses for obtaining a dog therapist’s license, transport costs for training and examinations, project management, publicity expenses and administrative costs.


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