Call of Duty Warzone revolutionizes the game with moving trains and new zones in the Season 5 trailer

We knew that the Season 5 of Call of Duty Warzone It promised to be one of the most impressive and, between leaks and leaks, we had an idea of ​​what to expect in broad strokes. And despite this, it has surprised us.

The next August 5 The new update of the Battle Royale will give us a new area, the stadium interior, and also will have a train that will go through part of the map to carry the battle to their wagons.

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The add-on, which has already proven to be the most fun and useful in games like Apex Legends The PUBG, will be added to the contents that will also be available for the multiplayer of Modern Warfare.

Four new maps, two inspired by areas of Verdansk such as the farm or the airport, and two others called Suidal Harbor and Petrov, will serve to fill the catalog of scenarios for the different modes. All content will be available for free in a patch that will occupy 36 GB.

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