Calabria orange zone – Can relatives be seen? What changes for Reggio Calabria couples

27 November 2020 19:46

Calabria orange zone, can you see the relatives? Here’s what changes for couples from Reggio Calabria and other cities in the region

Calabria orange zone, can you see the relatives? – After 52 days the Calabria is about to change color! On November 6, the southernmost region of the boot had become a red zone, a color that determined the highest criticality in relation to the Coronavirus risk and therefore imposed drastic restrictive measures. From tomorrow instead Calabria, Lombardy and Piedmont will fade their color towardsOrange with related training of restrictive measures.

Calabria orange zone, can you see the relatives? – As regards the possibility of visiting relatives, the provision contained in the Prime Minister’s Decree of 24 October on travel is authentic. First of all, self-certification will no longer be necessary. Secondly, it is allowed to circulate within a municipality, but you cannot leave your municipality of residence, domicile or home unless there are proven work needs, situations of necessity or health reasons. The same thing applies to any entry or exit from the Region. Therefore, if there is no need to visit a relative, the “strong recommendation”Not to meet him. It is also forbidden to circulate from 22:00 to 05:00 in the morning due to curfew, except for reasons of proven necessity.

Coronavirus, Calabria becomes “orange zone”. Here’s what changes

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