Calabria, Mario Occhiuto will not run alone for the presidency of the Region

COSENZA – Mario Occhiuto abandon the idea of ​​running alone in the elections for the presidency of the Calabria Region. “My race ends here” – writes the mayor of Cosenza. Mario Occhiuto’s decision comes after the letter that Silvio Berlusconi sent him to convince him not to run alone. «I know very well what you Roberto (the brother vice president of the Chamber) represent for Calabria. I had to prevail the need to keep the coalition united, thinking of the good of Italy, of Forza Italia, of the center-right coalition and above all of Calabria “- wrote Berlusconi.

In motivating the farewell to the race Mario Occhiuto wanted to reiterate that he did not ask for assignments in the lists of the center right. After conducting an election campaign for months, the mayor of Cosenza had to throw in the towel especially for the veto imposed on him by the League. “We need to nominate new people and without judicial burdens on our shoulders” – Matteo Salvini has always said, effectively blocking the hypothesis of a candidacy of Mario Occhiuto to the regional ones. The rejection of Occhiuto also depended on personal judicial troubles and on the failure of the Municipality of Cosenza, during its management. Until a few days ago Mario Occhiuto was determined and aware of running alone. But he had to surrender to the awareness that the path was quite uphill. “There are no conditions to carry out the project to change the Region on your own” – he wrote in the reasons that underlie his withdrawal. «I led a tough battle and I was defeated. This is the truth”.

December 27, 2019 (change December 27, 2019 | 4.15pm)


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