Cai Jiaxin’s Lavish Wedding Celebration and Sweet Kiss With Husband Derek

Cai Jiaxin married Derek, her wealthy outsider boyfriend of seven years, today (3rd). The newlyweds spent nearly seven figures to hold their wedding at the Shenwan Yacht Club. They held an 18-seat banquet in the evening and invited relatives and friends to celebrate. At 5:30 p.m., Jiaxin and her husband, wearing a see-through wedding dress and a huge diamond ring estimated to be about 4 carats in size, met the media and exchanged sweet kisses twice. She did not disclose the number of diamond wedding rings, saying that the most important thing is the heart, and the diamond ring given by her husband is enough, because the meaning of the wedding ring is “one and only”.

Jiaxin said that she didn’t sleep well the night before the wedding. She had been worried that the wedding would be missed. In addition, she got up at 6 o’clock this morning, so she was very tired. Talking about the part of picking up the bride in the morning, Derek said that the game process was easy. The most unforgettable part was eating insects and blowing out candles while wearing braces. Jiaxin said: “I designed the game to make it easier for the sister group. I think the difficulty of the game is medium, and eating insects is already difficult, but those insects are actually snacks.” When Derek was asked about the opening of the market, he said The sister group felt sorry for him and sent him 8888 yuan to get through.

Talking about being moved, Jiaxin smiled and said that she was moved when she looked at her husband: “When he made his declaration of love, he said he would give me all his money! It’s funny, he said at the time, ‘My wife is always right,’ and he was very eager for business. “I was moved to tears many times today.” Derek said that Jiaxin’s speech at the wedding also brought tears to his eyes. The newlyweds like children very much and will let nature take its own course when it comes to having children. The two often traveled together before their marriage, and they only completed their trip in October, so they have not planned a honeymoon yet. Jiaxin will continue to make movies and do business after marriage, and will not stay at home to be a young nurse. Derek frankly said that what he admires most about his wife is that she is independent and a career-oriented woman.

Jiaxin revealed that after the wedding, she deliberately threw the bouquet to her sister, hoping that her sister would find the love of her life soon. She also revealed that she would sing the song “As Long as I’m with You” at the wedding banquet: “I sang “Mouse Loves Rice” at Chen Shixin’s wedding banquet. At that time, everyone thought it was very unpleasant, but they were very happy. I have worked hard for tonight. After practicing 37 times, my sisters encouraged me to learn singing from my teacher, but I wanted to maintain my personal characteristics.”

Ng Ruoxi and her husband Alex Ho (Alex), Yu Xiangning, Sun Huixue, Zhuang Simin and other friends from the industry attended the wedding banquet to celebrate. He Yiting, Chen Shixin, Zhong Qing, model Tam Jiayi, etc. served as the sister group. Wu Ruoxi held up the “Cai Jiayin” light sign. She said that she got to know Jiaxin and Derek because of the program “Sisters” and she was happy to witness them enter a new stage of life. Wu Ruoxi said: “Jiaxin is definitely a good singer, not a magic singer. She transcends the realm of singing and provides visual and auditory stimulation in her performance. As a guest, I have gained a lot by letting go of favors. It is worth the price, more expensive than watching Aaron Kwok. Concert. I wish the newlywed couple to have a baby soon. Jiaxin is very good at getting along with children and will be a good mother in the future. Tell me the secret of fertility? They are bigger boys and girls and have more energy than me.”

When He Yiting, who is about to get married, was asked if she would take the opportunity to learn from the wedding, she said: “I hired a wedding coordinator to play games that are funny and relaxing. I won’t reveal when the wedding will be. The protagonist today is Jiaxin.”

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