cadastral modification. New ceilings and terms from Revenue

The Revenue Agency has its say on a very particular case and as usual the legislation on Superbonus 110% is evolving.

The Inland Revenue was consulted on the case of a demolition and reconstruction aimed at merging two housing units together. Basically, the question that the taxpayer put to the agency concerned a building with two apartments. So a small condominium consisting of only two apartments each with its owner. The idea is to destroy them and rebuild them as a single home. But what happens to the superbonus in this case? It is certainly a particular and thorny case and the taxpayer has done more than well to consult the Revenue Agency on such an anomalous situation. The agency did not hold back and responded with answer number 40 of January 22, 2022. It is a very special case, but it can shed light and can better define this bonus because you start from a condominium, albeit very small, and arrive at a single real estate unit.

An important principle for many

The Revenue Agency, after a broad preamble necessary to contextualize the particular case proposed, reaffirms a cardinal principle of all this matter. The situation that prevails is that before the start of the works. Consequently, the taxpayer must not be confused by the fact that one factual situation is transformed into another. The situation must be kept in mind before the start of the works. And this is true from all points of view. So whether the doubts concern the spending limits or whether they concern the terms or anything else simply you have to apply the legislation relating to what is there before the start of the work.

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This principle is actually precious because it helps the taxpayer to orient himself in all those particular and confused cases in which the works go to modify the places also land registry.

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But the real problem now is the tightening on the limit to a single sale. We talk about it in the linked articles.

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