Bungie could lose its independence within Sony

Bungie is going through a very turbulent phase at the moment. The Destiny developer has faced layoffs, major criticism, and even postponed its next major expansion until summer 2024. This has led the developer to acknowledge that it has lost a lot of community trust lately, and it looks like they could lose more than that too.

Because in a new, very illuminating report by IGN it is said that Bungie could lose its independence within the Sony Interactive Entertainment and PlayStation Studios family. The developer maintains its independence on the assumption that it will meet financial goals, but a recent meeting with executives from Sony and Bungie seems to suggest that Destiny 2’s delays and struggling performance are putting the developer at risk of having its board dissolved and therefore become more important integrated into SIE.

The report also states that Bungie is currently facing a huge moral dilemma, with some developers describing the mood in the company as “goal-shattering”. There are even statements from developers saying that Bungie management expressed indifference and even hostility in the period leading up to the mass layoffs.

As if all this wasn’t enough, the report states that the QA team for Destiny was referred to as ” non-developers” and that they faced increasing hostility from team and company leadership, including greater disciplinary action for seemingly minor issues.

The report concludes with a statement from an anonymous employee stating that there is currently a ‘ us versus them ‘feeling is between employees and leadership in the company, and that ‘ trust has been eroded’.

2023-12-07 09:55:08
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