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Bundesliga: BVB penalty? Siebert counters Terzic

In the 73rd minute, Bayer defender Edmond Tapsoba brought down Karim Adeyemi with an alleged foul, and the referee decided against a penalty. Contrary to the BVB coach’s sharp criticism, Siebert explained his decision-making – and countered Terzic.

“From his point of view, I can understand that in this individual case. But you have to see the scene in the overall context of the game,” explained Siebert. “If on the one hand I don’t give a penalty for Leverkusen in a similar situation between Can and Palacios, of course I won’t do that on the other side either. That’s why the coach’s statements are incomprehensible to me.”

Just a few minutes before the controversial scene involving Karim Adeyemi, Emre Can had brought down Exequiel Palacios in the penalty area on the other side, and Siebert also blew a whistle in this scene. Terzic did not address this scene in his argument and instead referred to his winger Adeyemi, who, in his view, was always disadvantaged. “This is not the first time, especially with Karim,” rumbled Terzic.

Siebert had little use for this argument. “I can’t comment on earlier scenes. But Mr. Terzic can’t expect me to compensate for supposedly wrong decisions from other games. Every game starts from scratch again. It wasn’t enough for me to get a penalty on Sunday – and that was the only reason for my decision.”

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