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Bulsatcom with an official position

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Position on Bulsatcom, sent to the editorial mail of Plovdiv24.bg:

The bankruptcy court of Bulsatcom on the claims of Rosenfeld & Co., BG Top Music and Plamen Genchev refused the precautionary measures requested by them, but after an appeal was filed by Rosenfeld & Co. and Plamen Genchev, panel The Court of Appeals in Sofia partially overturned this decision and appointed a temporary trustee in bankruptcy in the company. ruled that their allegations that there was a danger of squandering the assets of the company, in which one of the main institutional investors was the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, were unfounded.

The trustee in bankruptcy appointed by one panel of the Court of Appeal and previously dismissed by another panel of the Court of Appeal shall have temporary supervisory functions pending a decision by the insolvency court or until the measures are revoked, which may take place at any time. The management of Bulsatcom categorically disputes the motives of the members of the Court of Appeal, which imposed precautionary measures, but respects and adopts the decision in the name of the stable operation of the company, whose activities do not change and continues to effectively develop its business.

“Despite the inexplicable situation that two panels of the Court of Appeal have spoken inconsistently on the same case, we unconditionally respect the rule of law, knowing that this temporary measure is not unusual for this type of court case and will last until the end of the case. As a company with high moral and business standards, we are ready to cooperate with everything necessary for the work of the institution and we are sure that the truth will prevail.

We managed to rebuild and rehabilitate the company in just the short two years, with the help of our investors, thanks to which today we have a fully structured, financially stable, profitable trade organization. And all this despite the heavy legacy of the previous management, which continues to attack the company with contracts for compensation, commercial cases, now and with these insolvency claims filed by companies with which I found contracts for non-market content tariffs and which are close surrounded by Plamen Genchev “commented Stanislav Georgiev

We would like to inform the public that in this context the group of international investors, represented by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Black Rock, Blantyre Capital and Integral Venture Partners, have decided to demonstrate their confidence in the leadership and success of Bulsatcom, adding capital to the company, which should neutralize any theories of financial instability of the company. “short term.”, added the investors’ representatives.

“Bulsatcom has undergone a difficult and significant recovery for its international institutional investors, despite constant sabotage by the old managing owners, which brought the company to financial collapse in 2017. As a result of the support of international investors and especially the trust To our clients, Bulsatcom stands confidently in its leading position and actively works on its mission – to provide the highest quality information and entertainment content to its clients, as well as to actively support Bulgarian sports.

I am proud to share that thanks to our efforts now every Bulgarian home can watch live on b1b-box the national championship in ice hockey, water polo, karting, cycling tour of Bulgaria, rhythmic gymnastics tournaments, boxing, wrestling, snooker, international championships in handball, youth volleyball and football, as well as many other Bulgarian championships. We take care of the entertainment of our clients by releasing one of the most popular European series of the last year, produced by Amazon Prime – Deutschland 83/86/89, for the first time on December 17 in Bulgaria. And now at Christmas everyone can get a promotional b-box – the most convenient and modern device for watching HD and 4K TV, HBO Go and archive content via wi-fi on the market. “, Adds Stanislav Georgiev.

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