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Bulk Cooking Oil Prohibited for Sale Starting January 1, 2022

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Ministry of Commerce (Ministry of Trade) will prohibit the sale cooking oil starting January 1, 2022. The reason is, the price of bulk cooking oil is very dependent on the price of raw materials, namely crude palm oil (crude palm oil/CPO).

This was conveyed by the Director General of Domestic Trade Oke Nurwan in a webinar held by the Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF) with the theme “Recovery on Fragile Fundamentals”, Wednesday (24/11).

“For this, the government has anticipated by requiring the circulation of packaged cooking oil. Starting January 1, 2022, cooking oil is no longer allowed to be circulated in bulk,” said Oke.

According to Oke, consuming cooking oil in packaged form is mandatory because it can be stored in the long term so the price is relatively under control.

“If later with packaged cooking oil, the price will be controlled and if there is a change in the price of raw materials that increases it will not have an immediate impact, although in the long term it will certainly have an impact,” he added.

The prohibition of trading in bulk cooking oil is also in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Trade Number 36 of 2020 concerning Mandatory Packaged Palm Cooking Oil. In Article 27 of the regulation, the Ministry of Trade states that bulk cooking oil can still be traded until December 31, 2021.

Oke also said that currently there are only two countries in the world that still sell bulk cooking oil, namely Bangladesh and Indonesia. According to Oke, the increase in cooking oil prices does not only occur in the country.

“This is a global phenomenon, due to the declining supply of raw materials for vegetable oil in the world,” he said.

From his observations, Oke said that the price of bulk cooking oil was above IDR 17,000 per liter and packaged cooking oil of IDR 17,500 per liter. However, the current government continues to ensure domestic availability continues to be met.

“Currently, 628,000 tons are available to supply the needs in 1.5 months. We will try this every time, the availability of cooking oil in 1.5 months and continuously,” said Oke.

Previously, it was reported that the price of cooking oil had risen over the past few weeks. Earlier this week, the price of packaged cooking oil branded 1 rose 2.65 percent to Rp19,350 per kg, the price of packaged cooking oil branded 2 rose 2.19 percent to Rp18,700 per kg, and bulk cooking oil rose 2.57 percent. to Rp. 17.950 per Kg.

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