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Bulgarian in the epicenter of Hurricane Ida: We have no electricity, water, traffic lights … (video)

The element crashed with such force that it even reversed the flow of the Mississippi River, our embassy in Washington did not receive signals from Bulgarians who need assistance.

A Bulgarian in the epicenter of Hurricane Ida, which hit the US state of Louisiana, told Nova tv for the horror they experience there.

The disaster left a million households without electricity. This is one of the strongest storms in US history and occurs on the same date that Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana and Mississippi 16 years ago. Hurricane Ida landed with such force that it reversed the flow of the Mississippi River. The element reached the shores of Louisiana with winds of 230 km / h.

“There are places where houses are under water and people are on the ceilings and on the roofs. Now they are about to leave squads to find people on the ceilings and roofs“, says Robert Manolov, a Bulgarian in Louisiana.

“When Mother Nature throws a storm at you with such power, with such excitement, wind and rain, the consequences will be devastating,” said John Bell Edwards, governor of Louisiana.

Although the degree of the storm was reduced to a second, at night the gusts of wind still reached 175 km / h. Ida is expected to continue to lose strength as her eye moves toward Baton Rouge, but it will likely remain at least first degree. The whole of New Orleans is without electricity, and the only electricity in the city comes from generators.

“The worst thing is that there is no power supply for the city’s infrastructure, which means that people, in addition to no electricity, no water, no road regulation. It’s just that New Orleans is blocked,” said Robert Manolov.

Meteorologists warn that parts of southeastern Louisiana I canT be uninhabitable for weeks.

“The water is rising, people are in their homes and we are already receiving reports of chest water levels. The situation is very difficult and there is no improvement so far,” said Cynthia Lee Sheng, president of Jefferson County, Louisiana.

Photos and videos showed major floods and damage, and local media reported destroyed homes, flooded streets and fallen trees and electric poles. In the city of Galliano, the storm took parts of the roof of a hospital, but fortunately no one was injured. So far, the flood protection system built after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 shows it is working.

“Let’s say don’t worry about us. We’re holding on and another hurricane has passed,” says Robert Manolov.

The storm struck exactly 16 years after Hurricane Katrina, which killed more than 1,800 people.

The Bulgarian embassy in Washington has not received any signals from Bulgarians who need assistance due to Hurricane Ida.

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