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Building-Supercar… Dad Chance’Gold Spoon’ Tax Audit

61 suspected of tax evasion, such as donation of expedient ways
A, who is in her mid-20s, lived in a luxury housing complex in Seoul even though she didn’t have a clear job and drove 1.3 billion won worth of imported supercars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. On the outside, he looked like’young & rich’, referring to the young and capable rich man. The reality was different. It was revealed through a tax investigation by the National Tax Service that it was a’gold spoon’ that passed down wealth through tax evasion.

Mr. A’s father, a 200 billion won asset owner who runs an information technology (IT) company, created a paper company in his mother’s name, stole corporate funds, and began to hand over his property to Mr. A, who was an elementary school student. In this way, Mr. A accumulated assets close to 15 billion won by the time he graduated middle school.

The National Tax Service announced on the 17th that it would conduct a tax audit on 61 suspected tax evasion suspects, such as those in their 20s and 30s, who received high-value assets from their parents and others by expediency. 38 people who lived luxuriously by buying golf course memberships for’Little Building (5th floor or below, non-residential real estate with a market price of 1 billion to 5 billion won), and 23 suspected of tax evasion due to civil livelihoods such as illegal lenders were surveyed. They were found to have 13.7 billion won in the Little Building, 4.2 billion won in residences, and 1.4 billion won in membership.

Parents who secretly hand over property to their children are also investigated. Businessman B hid his income by receiving cash sales from relatives’ accounts. With this money, the authorities donated expensive residences such as Lotte Signiel Tower and Busan L City, and a little building worth 20 billion won to their children, and were caught by the authorities. Tax evaders who infringed on the lives of citizens who took advantage of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) crisis were also subject to investigation. Businesses who did not report cash sales while selling diet food to those who exercise at home because the gym was closed, and those who had been tricked into being a “stock master” in the wake of the stock market boom and received hundreds of thousands of won from investors. Reporter Song Chung-hyun [email protected]

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