Bugatti makes an unusual electric car, a ‘toy’ that can be driven even by children

The Baby II has a size equivalent to 75% of the Type 35 Grand Prix, electric motor and can reach 70 km / h.

French Bugatti has decided make the Baby II, an electric version of its well-remembered Type 35 Grand Prix, from the mid-1920s. Quite a “crazy years” icon.

The original Baby was produced at a scale of 50%, intended for children up to 8 years old and a total of 500 units were sold between 1927 and 1936. Its second version has been designed at a scale of 75%, it can be handled by children and adults, and it’s also an offer limited 500 cars.

The ‘toy’ will be available in different versions: Novice, with a top speed of 20 km / h, Expert that can reach 45 km / h and Vitesse, which with its 13.4 horsepower can accelerate up to 70 km / h. In addition, there will be a high-end one, the Pur Sang, with a special hand-made aluminum body.

Those who want to surprise their children with a Bugatti, must pay from 30,000 euros (about $ 35,000) for the basic version, 43,500 euros (about $ 51,000) for the Vinesse, and up to 58,500 euros (almost $ 68,600) for the Pur Sang model .

Depending on the model, the mini Type 35 can travel 25 or 50 kilometers on a battery charge.

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