BUCARAMANGA MEDICINE HEALTH DISEASES NUTRITION: “We get sick what we eat and do”: Luis Fernando Pinto Salazar | Bucaramanga | Present

He worked in Mapiripán, Meta in the rural year. Then he went to Saludcoop and then in Colmédica. That was before he found his way and decided that his field of specialty was functional medicine. Luis Fernando Pinto Salazar thus summarizes his professional career in the Character of the Caracol Radio Week. He was invited to talk about his book, ‘Cook with your doctor’.

In the last program of the year, the doctor explained what medicine works; It is an integral vision of the patient and his ailments to get to the root of the problem. It ensures that diseases come from what we eat and do. Gone are the 20 minutes for the attention of people who came to his office. Now explore what happens in each case and insist on nutritional habits.

The doctor Pinto Salazar shares some recipes, including how to make butter so as not to continue consuming the perverse margarine. Explain what are the five ‘venenito’ that we should get out of the diet and what are the fats that should be avoided and others that need to be included. In this last group are olive oil; the avocado, coconut and omega 3.

Before the year starts, he shares a healthy recipe that can be the last dinner of the year.

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