BTS V and Yoo Seung-ho Light Up ‘Running Man’ with Their Appearance

BTS member V and actor Yoo Seung-ho were guests on “Running Man” together. They attracted much attention from the beginning of the recording, and as expected, it was directly reflected in the ratings as soon as it started airing.

As soon as V and Yoo Seung Ho appeared on the stage, Yoo Jae Suk couldn’t help but shout “There is light, there is light” and expressed great enthusiasm for the arrival of the two. Liang Shican praised “the two of them are so handsome, crazy” and couldn’t help but be shocked by their looks.

Yoo Seung Ho and V, who were guests of “Running Man” again, also showed a sophisticated attitude and gave their best in every game session. During the process of selecting one of Yang Sechan, V, and Yoo Seungho as the president of the association, the eldest brother Ji Xijin suddenly asked: “Can I ask a question? I just performed a slap scene, can the fans understand? It has been I’m keeping it in my heart…” He expressed his anxious feelings.

(Photo source: SBS “Running Man”)

During the task, Chi Xichen and V staged a scene of slapping each other. V, who reacted quickly, immediately covered his cheek and made a painful expression. Because V’s acting was so similar, Chi Xichen also panicked and urged V, “Taehyung, tell everyone it’s okay. You said you don’t feel pain. You’re all acting.”

(Photo source: SBS “Running Man”)

Seeing the eldest brother’s burning look, V suddenly became playful and remained silent mischievously, while Kim Jong Kook teased from the side: “(Jeon) So Min has just left, and Brother Seokjin is leaving too.”

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